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Our beeswax luminaries are something pretty special and are fun and a little intense to make.  A beeswax bowl is formed by very carefully and very slowly dipping a water balloon 35 times into a pot of hot wax!  What can we say, we like a little danger hahaha!  After some curing and finishing touches to even out the edges you have a luminary/candle holder.  Add some rocks and a tealight and the bowl illuminates with a beautiful calming glow and as it warms it emits the most amazing scent of beeswax. 

The rocks act as a heat sink to prevent the luminary from melting.


Each luminary comes packaged with the necessary rocks and 6 tealights.


We recommend using the luminary on a coaster or plate etc. as it may stick and leave beeswax residue on a table top.

Beeswax Luminary

  • One beeswax luminary, rocks and 6 tealights.

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