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The combination of herbs, propolis and natural oils in this balm and tincture will help speed healing and soothe the itch, irritation and inflammation associated with cold sores.  The tincture delivers an intense dose of propolis and plant medicine which numbs the itch and helps dry out cold sores during the early wet stage.  The balm soothes and moisturizes while providing a constant dose of healing.  


This cold sore busting duo is safe for all ages!

Cold Sore Bee Gone

  • Made with wild-harvested and organically grown plants.

    Cold Sore Balm: beeswax, oils of coconut and jojoba infused with propolis, lemon balm, chickweed and peppermint, oils of tamanu and st. johns wort

    Cold Sore Tincture: grain alcohol, propolis, lemon balm, chickweed and peppermint

  • Cold Sore Balm:  Apply frequently, alone or after tincture.

    Cold Sore Tincture:  Apply as needed with roller or tissue, cotton swab etc. Allow to dry then apply balm.

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