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Heal your skin with the power of propolis!  Propolis is a resinous organic compound made by honeybees, it is known for its powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  The combination of propolis and plants in this balm will help soothe and speed healing of most skin issues.  Apply to minor burns, cuts, scratches and wounds, bruising, bug bites, dry skin, cold sores, chapped lips etc. etc. etc.  We call it a first aid balm but it is truly a good for everything balm!!!  Suitable for use from your face to your feet, but of course it's for external use only ;)


Made with wild-harvested and organically grown plants.


Available in three sizes; A regular sized .15oz. tube and 1oz. and 2oz. 

amber glass jars. 

Propolis Balm

  • beeswax, propolis (coconut) oil, jojoba oil infused with plantain, yarrow, calendula, goldenrod and german chamomile, tamanu oil

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